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"In my opinion, the 2017 FOR FISHING has fostered its position of a leading fishing trade fair with panEuropean importance. I was pleased by the record-breaking interest of exhibitors originating from 12 different countries, who presented more than 800 fishing brands to visitors. The exhibition halls with hundreds of expositions attracted a lot of fishing celebrities to Prague, from the Czech Republic and abroad, experienced anglers, as well as families with children, which pleased me very much. I myself am looking forward to cooperation during the 9th edition of the FOR FISHING 2018 and I wish a lot of fishing success to all anglers."





"This year’s edition (2017) has been already the third one in which Fox participated with its exposition intended for the FOR FISHING Exhibition. From my point of view it is possible to see that the level of this exhibition is continually moving forward, which can be seen not only in terms of the number of visitors, but especially in terms of the number of exhibitors. Also the size of our exposition has risen this year up to 300 square metres. This confirms the importance which Fox International ascribes to this exhibition. I highly appreciate wide corridors between individual expositions, thanks to which visitors do not feel constrained, in spite of a large number of visitors, as it is often the case at other exhibitions."





The show organisation was very professional, the walkways were a good size and not too narrow. The exhibitors all put on excellent stands and in no hall did it feel like a market stall. All in all, I thought it was an excellent show and was pleasantly surprised by all aspects of the show and the customers enthusiasm.” 




“I would like to state that the FOR FISHING trade fair was one of the best exhibitions which we have ever visited in Europe. We were highly satisfied with absolutely professional organisation and a large number of visitors. Simply said, it was really a perfect event.”

- Pete Tingle, TRAKKER 


“I had big expectations, as far as the FOR FISHING trade fair is concerned, but the reality still exceeded them. Especially the number of visitors was spectacular. Thanks to them and to the enormous interest I even was not able to see all halls and expositions for the entire period of four days, next time I will have to arrange for it still before the official opening of the trade fair. The trade fair organisation was running well, without any problem, and our foreign partners were satisfied as well. I will be glad to take part in the FF event next year again.”

 Michal Kučera, MIKBAITS

“FOR FISHING was the best event of this type which we have ever attended. It was possible to see that the interest of fishers in the trade fair is enormous, mainly thanks to the wide choice of exhibitors from all possible fishing branches. Everybody had a possibility of finding one’s own object of interest and seeing a lot of innovations from the fishing sector.”

 Pavel Šustr, CHYTIL


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